Segun + Temi, Silver Spring Civic Building Wedding

Temi and Segun have been dating for as long as I can remember. They have such an inspiring relationship and a true testament of true love. Segun has lived in Maryland, USA for over 10 years and Temi has been in London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria all that time they've been dating. The Atlantic wasn't big enough to separate them. They got married on a beautiful day in the center of downtown Silver Spring, MD. I shot this with my very good and ever reliable friend Chad who as usual came through with many ideas and compositions to compliment my story.

Putting this blog post wasn't easy as we had so many lovely moments. You can view the slideshow to see some more images here

Earl + Nicky, Southbank London Couple's portrait Session

I met Earl a few years ago when I had just started my photography. Then it was still a hobby and I was a PhD student in a college in London. We used to share our photos online on a site called Shutterchance. It was only in the latter years that we finally got to meet.

Earl has been a really good friend and supporter of my business. He's helped me a few times on some wedding assignments and I've always enjoyed working with him. He asked me to do a portrait session of him and Nicky is partner and it wasn't hard to say yes to it. We used the very scenic parts of the South Bank theatre of London's Embankment as the scene for the session. 

Lola OJ, A portrait

Whenever I get the chance I like to do a portrait session of someone with interesting features or personality. Photography whilst is the vocation I love, my true passion is meeting and discovering people. I use photography to get to know them and somehow tell their story. 

I met Lola in Dubai whilst on a wedding photography assignment. When I saw her I simply had to ask her for a portrait session. You can see from the photos that she does indeed have some really interesting looks but also her personality, introversion, comes out in the way I've used the lighting.

Lekan + Shola, Le Negresco Wedding, Nice, France

Here's another wedding from the summer of 2013. Lekan aka "Lex" and Shola have been such great friends for a long time. From the first time I heard they were dating to the time they got married, we've always hung out, joked around and had a lot of fun. When Lekan proposed to Shola, he called me over Skype while I was on an international assignment to tell me that I was shooting his and Shola's wedding ceremony. I was first of all surprised because I think I was probably the first person her called then and really had no choice in the matter. 

They got married in a beautiful English church in the south of France. Their reception venue was probably one venue I would want to shoot in every single time I had a wedding. There was so much character to it. Every room, including the bathrooms, had its own personality. Almost like the couple themselves. They both have very different personalities but together are such a joy. 

It was such a pleasure shooting their wedding. I was helped out by my ever reliable buddy Jeffrey, who came with me from London.