Lekan + Shola, Le Negresco Wedding, Nice, France

Here's another wedding from the summer of 2013. Lekan aka "Lex" and Shola have been such great friends for a long time. From the first time I heard they were dating to the time they got married, we've always hung out, joked around and had a lot of fun. When Lekan proposed to Shola, he called me over Skype while I was on an international assignment to tell me that I was shooting his and Shola's wedding ceremony. I was first of all surprised because I think I was probably the first person her called then and really had no choice in the matter. 

They got married in a beautiful English church in the south of France. Their reception venue was probably one venue I would want to shoot in every single time I had a wedding. There was so much character to it. Every room, including the bathrooms, had its own personality. Almost like the couple themselves. They both have very different personalities but together are such a joy. 

It was such a pleasure shooting their wedding. I was helped out by my ever reliable buddy Jeffrey, who came with me from London. 

Kene + Ify, Santa Maria Aracoeli Wedding, Roma, Italy

Last year, we shot quite a few great destination weddings that I hadn't yet had a chance to show on the blog. Now I'm finally presenting highlights from a wedding that we shot in the Vatican City in Roma, Italy. 

I've known both the bride, Ify, and the groom, Kene, from my time at university in London. We all attended the same college and, as far as I knew, they never met each other at that time.  One day whilst doing some post production in my office in Durham, NC, I got a call from Ify telling me that she and Kene were getting married in Italy and that she wanted me to shoot the wedding. Of course, this was one of those calls you couldn't say "No" to. 

Their wedding was set in probably the most beautiful cathedral I've ever seen, located in the center of Roma. It was an honor to be able to shoot in such revered historical location. Their families are very devout Catholics so it was an incredibly special and emotional ceremony. The backdrop left me in awe; we had so many beautiful moments to capture. The city itself is an outdoor museum with so much history to it. The ceremony started off with the most elegant bridal entrance at the church. We had to climb 146 steps (!!) to the top of the summit (Campidoglio) to get to the Santa Maria Aracoeli church, flanked by tourists from all over the world that stopped to observe the processional. The entire experience was truly memorable. 

Clements + Tamara, Harlem and Manhattan, NY Engagement session

We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon and evening with Clement and Tamara. They hired us to do an extended version of our typical engagement session that would include three looks in four different locations. We pretty much went all over the NYC area. The backdrops you see here range from a popular spot (and one of the couple's favorite spots) in Harlem to Central Park, Grand Central and the Apollo Theater.

It was such a pleasure to work these two earlier this year. In addition to being just a downright lovely couple, Tamara was incredibly kind and considerate, showing concern and even the smallest hints of unease. At times, I felt more like the client seeking service. Clement was equally warm and a really laid-back lad. Grateful to have gotten the chance to get to know them beyond the scope of the shoot.

Ehimanre + Ada, Central Park Engagement Session, NY

One of the few reasons I moved to NYC was to work with my mate and buddy, Ada and her now husband Ehimanre. They both run a fashion photography agency called Avaloni Studios. Immediately after Ehimanre proposed to Ada, Ada asked me if I'd be willing to do their engagement photos. Of course there wasn't any inhibitions in saying yes. 

Unfortunately I was already booked to shoot a wedding abroad during the time of their own wedding ceremony however I feel special and honored to have had such an opportunity to see the more romantic side of this dynamic Duo.

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